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Learn & Improve your English with native speakers. American Cultural Association provides online lessons from its studios in London, Shrewsbury, Knutsford, Washington, Iowa, Antalya.

You can choose the best package to suit your needs. (see below). Please note that the packages include: -

Books and Materials
Online sessions offered in the package
Certificate of Attendance
Headset ( Headphones & Microphone )

* Headsets are included in the 48-Lesson Packages.

Advantages of the online courses
- Time is the most valuable commodity in contemporary life. You will most definitely save time. You will avoid wasting time in traffic, and learn English from the comfort of your own home ( maybe while drinking your coffee )
- All our teachers are not only native speakers, but also fully certified teachers.
- You can improve your spoken English skills with your choice of native speakers (thus choosing the accent of your personal preference). Our teachers are in various cities around the world such as London, Shrewsbury, Knutsford, Washington, Iowa, Antalya, Istanbul.

Types of the courses
  • General English
  • English for Work
  • Writing Practice
  • Methodology for Teachers

ACA offers five levels of online General English courses, ranging from Pre-Elementary (A1) to Advanced (C1). These courses include reading, vocabulary, grammar, listening, pronunciation practice, functional and practical English.

You will be assigned a personal tutor who will help and support you during the course. The combination of motivating materials, personal tutor support and the convenience of studying from your own home all help to provide an extremely rewarding language learning experience.

These courses are offered at two levels: Lower Intermediate (B1) and Upper Intermediate (B2). We offer eight different modules at each level. Each module is centred around specific work-related areas of English communication. The modules are: Telephoning, Making Presentations, Travelling, Negotiating and Selling, Staffing and Training, Banking and Finance, Writing, and Meetings.

You can choose any combination of modules at the same level according to your needs.

Each student is assigned a personal tutor to answer questions and give feedback on written and oral work. The support of your own personal tutor combined with stimulating online material is a very effective way of learning English.

These courses are available at three levels: Basic (A1 to A2 of the Common European Framework), Intermediate (B1 to B1+) and Advanced (B2 to C1).

These highly motivating courses work on a range of text types including emails, blogs, letters, reports, fact files, articles and narratives, and cover a wide variety of interesting topic areas. Activities are logically organised to focus on model texts, text features, writing strategies and useful language. Each section ends with a writing task based on the model text. Six of these writing tasks are sent to your own personal tutor, who will give you useful correction and feedback on your written work.

ACA currently offers two methodology courses designed for English teachers – one which is targeted at teachers of primary classes, and the other which is more suitable for teachers of secondary or adult classes.

The courses are designed for teachers with or without experience. The 10 units in each course cover a wide range of relevant areas such as classroom management, teaching writing, doing projects, songs and games, amongst others.

The courses give an opportunity to do online teaching practices with real students.

Students are provided with their own personal tutor, to whom they send regular assignments based on their classroom teaching or on their familiarity with current ELT materials. The tutor will provide feedback and advice. Students are also invited to exchange opinions and experiences with other students on the course-specific noticeboards.

PLEASE NOTE : ACA is one of the most common Teacher Training Courses providers. See TESOL page for "Certificate in TESOL" and "Certificate in Teaching Young Learners". More...



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48 Lessons
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