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Become a partner - Franchising -American Cultural Association

We, American Cultural Association ® Language Schools, are seeking prospective franchisees to set up their own language schools for children and/or adults anywhere in the world.
Each franchisee use our system, know-how, trade name/service mark/name, logos, etc, is their own boss and has complete control and independence in running their business according to our standards.

We are ready to grant territorial rights to the single unit or area/master franchisee.

If you are really interested in starting your own business by obtaining or selling our American Cultural Association ® Language Schools franchise, please let us know as soon as possible.

American Cultural Association ® Language Schools has been involved with setting up and running foreign language schools, where English is the main language taught. It has established and operated over 100 schools in countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Cameroon, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, India and Northern Cyprus.

Having this long experience in organizing, establishing and operating schools on a large scale, and knowing in depth the many details and factors affecting the economic viability and profitability of such schools, we are seeking the co-operation of energetic and entrepreneurial people to set up new schools affiliated with our chain of schools.

» In this co-operation we will offer you services that ensure the greatest success of your investment, such as:

Use of the trademarks, names, symbols, logos, signs of our organization
HR Support - Site Selection - Center Design
tick Free Website design and support
tick Ongoing support and assistance with regular updates of information and guidance
tick Advice and counsel by telephone, in writing and in person regarding the organization
tick Methods of attracting and recruiting students
tick Marketing and Advertising Strategy
tick Recruiting, interviewing and evaluating teaching staff
tick Effective ways of facing and solving problems, and difficulties arising from competition and other situations
tick Common programs of education and teaching methods, methodology and training
tick Our experience, expertise and know-how

» Please complete the application form below

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Phone (Work/Home)
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Fax (if available)
Email Address
Location(s) of Interest Where do you want to become a branch of ACA ?
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