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American Early English

American Early English is a division of American Cultural Association Education Network and its aim is to teach a fluent English to the kids between the ages 7 and 14. Besides, American Early English is also providing activities such as latin dances, funny science & technology, drama and so forth on.
American Early English

» Early English

In ages 7-14 yrs, they have too much to learn and study, there are several exams they should attend and they have to be get ready for all. After these ages, in college/university it will be more difficult for them to focus and learn a foreign language with the effects of some prejudices and exterior perceptions which will hinder focusing on learning.

At the end of this course program, our kids will not only be able to speak English fluently but also they will express themselves very clearly in English.

Funny Science & Technology

» Funny Science & Technology

Do you still think that an aircraft is able to take off by the wind coming under its wings ? Or why the leaves become yellow in fall but not blue ? Or why a round angle is 360 degrees but not 720 ? How the Sun always keeps the Earth in the same orbit ?

Do you know the answers to these questions ? Do you know how kids can ask difficult questions ?

With this program we will teach them how to take a funny look to science & technology. They will love math and science.

Online English Lessons

» Activities

All activities are free in "American Early English" course program.

They will have an opportunity to try different activites such as latin dances, drama, scoutcraft, rhytmic gym, intonation and etc.

We believe that "Unhappy students learn very little". This is what we really care in our teacher training courses.

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