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American Cultural Association® Language Schools offers a wide variety of course types intended for both institutions and individuals. You can see the course types below.
One-to-One Flexible Courses

» One-to-One Flexible Courses

These are the private classes of 24-lesson packages. You may arrange the days and time on your own. You can complete one level of the course in 48 lessons. If you wish you can get the lessons online at your home. It is possible to change your course program due to the intensivity in your business life or daily routine.

In these one-to-one courses you will determine your own speed and your specific needs such as Listening, Reading, Spoken Production, Spoken Interaction etc.

Learn English in One-to-One Flexible Courses

6-8 people private groups

» 6-8 People Private Groups

The number of people varies six to eight (sometimes four) at most in these classes. All content is appropriate to the European Language Portfolio which is produced and published by the European Council. You will learn how to speak English more fluently and it is going to much more easier to improve your English language skills in these groups.

These classes are specifically designed for increasing the benefit and shortening the time consumed.

Online English Lessons

» Online English Lessons

These lessons are one-to-one private lessons which you can attend from everywhere whenever you want. If you have not got enough time to consume for joining a class in a language school, you do not need to waste time.

Online lessons are taught by experienced native speaker tutors living in United States & United Kingdom.

You can easily improve your spoken English skills such as listening, spoken interaction and spoken production. Also these lessons are appropriate to the European Language Portfolio.

American Cultural Association Language Schools